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I am currently accepting instrumental score commissions for 2021-2022 in the genres of video game, film, film trailers or promotional clips, animation, incidental music, and "Art" Music--that is, personally dedicated instrumental pieces such as etudes or otherwise thematically tailored music--for performing musicians.

I use industry-standard equipment and software, in a home studio of which I am quite proud.  Below you will find examples of my work in some of these categories.

Film Music

Samuel Beckett is most famous for his play, Waiting for Godot. He also wrote two short, and lesser known "Acts Without Words," the first of which is featured here. In perusing Beckett's letters, I discovered that he and Stravinsky intended to collaborate, although their plans unfortunately did not come to fruition. I shortened the original film featured here by 5 minutes, editing it into a silent film format. If a Beckettian purest were to level the criticism that it is "underwritten and over acted,"at least I have perhaps done my part towards remedying the situation.

This is the abstract film by Hans Richter, entitled Rhythmus 21. My score for it utilizes the chord of the minor 23rd, as well as 3rd Stream Jazz elements.

A very advanced film in its time, there seems to be a clear rhythmic ursatz, and I found that not a lot of consideration was necessary in the rhythmic choreography between the score and the images of the blocks as they appear. In the formal development of the score, I found that the return of the darker theme, following the jazz section, corresponded directly with the appearance of the negative images in the film.

One bird's view of a crazy, crazy world.

This was made with all free footage i downloaded from pixabay. It allows you to send the video artists who post their work donations (buy them coffee, the button is called). Consider searching their archives, and supporting the artists there, for perhaps your own themed production.

This is the first installment of a series planned for soundtracks accompanying architectural works.

This score centers primarily around the Maison à Bordeaux, a house completed in 1998, and which was designed by Rem Koolhaas.  

I gave a friend of mine 160 drawings from my notebooks, and these 4-minutes of music, and this is the piece we came up with: the music is vaguely reminiscent of either Prokofiev or Stravinsky, and the drawings, well, they are definitely unique!


A four-minute video about a blue-jay named Hermoso:

Chronicles of a Blue-Jay 


Blue Jays--raising and caring for their babies:

Video Game Music

I greatly enjoyed working with Codex Worlds during their early development of Battlecursed (TM). These are a couple clips from their first version.

(Visit for more details.)

"Art" Music: digital productions

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